Designed by Franco Eduardo Battistella.

The Atlas Dock is the first dock to charge wireless, and its 100% universal. 

- Grey Atlas Dock, with Samsung S5

- Grey Atlas Dock, with Samsung S5

The Atlas Dock is loaded with features, here are a few notable things the Atlas Dock offers:

Adjustable rubber spacer: This allows you to properly fit your device and case onto the Atlas Dock.

One handed un-docking: The Atlas Dock allows iPhone 5 users to un-dock one handed. There is no need to pay for and apply sticky tape on the bottom.

Sturdy: The construction is made from Aircraft grade 6061 bullet aluminum. There are 4 rubber feet which keep it anchored to the ground. 

Affordable: The Atlas Dock is price lower than the best selling docks, while providing much more "Bang for your buck"!

- Bronze Atlas Dock with gold iPhone 5s

- Bronze Atlas Dock with gold iPhone 5s

I came up with the idea to make the Atlas dock late in 2013. It took a while but the concept slowly took shape.

I was always improving the overall function. My goal was to provide a product which delivered usage in many area, while being priced competitively.

Unlike other docks, I did not want to produce another problem, instead I wanted to produce a solution.




Made in the USA
-6061 billet Aluminium 
Weight – 12 oz.
Battery –  2,600 / 3,400 mah 
Charger – Micro USB/ Lightning

Bare Aluminum